TGC offers various Training Levels at all of our programs. Each level is designed for different age/skill levels and focuses on perfecting specific goaltending techniques before moving on to the next level.

  • Fundamental

    The Fundamental Level is designed specifically for younger goaltenders (1-3 years) and goaltenders that have not had a lot of goalie coaching. The goal of the program is to provide goaltenders with a solid set of fundamentals so they are able to make the correct movements in the crease and place themselves in the best position to select the best save technique for the play in motion.

    The Fundamental Level has a strong focus on skating, stationary saves, saves in motion, positioning, balance, rebound control, recovery technique, breakaways and angle theory. Upon graduating from the Fundamental Program a goaltender will know the fundamentals of each skating and save technique, common bad habits that goaltenders fall into, as well as when to use the various skating methods, save techniques and recovery styles.

  • Situational

    The Situational Level is designed specifically for goaltenders with solid fundamentals (4+ years). This program involves classroom discussion about the latest goaltender theories, styles and techniques successfully used by NHL goalies. Each goaltender experiments with these styles and techniques to find the ones that suit them best. Trough this program goaltenders can assimilate these techniques into their personal style using game situations to make it a natural part of their game.

    The goal of the Situational Level is to refine a goaltenders on-ice style, help them know why they are using a specific technique in different game situations, and the various options they have in each save situation. Goaltenders completing the Situational Program will be more refined goaltenders, smarter about their position play, better able to analyze their playing style and the playing style of other goaltenders, and use this information to evolve their game.

  • Verge

    The Verge Level is designed specifically for goaltenders who have mastered the fundamental and situational programs and demonstrate an intense enthusiasm for training (A / AA / AAA / Travel). This program mirrors the situational program in training, however it raises the bar on speed, performance, execution and expectation. While goaltenders work on improving their technical execution, they begin to journey to master mental control.

    The goal of the Verge Level is to begin preparing goaltenders for both the physical play and mental play required for the next level. This preparation requires solid fundamentals, situational mastery, mental control and a quest for knowledge. TGC blends together an understanding of the journey, building intensity while having fun, honing the mental alert system, and managing off-ice demands to create this unique program. 2:1 and 1:1 ratios offered. Must be Peewee/Bantam age goaltenders.

    verge … one transitioning to a higher level of capability

  • Prodigy

    The Prodigy Level is specifically designed to help goaltenders at the Midget, High School and Junior levels make the next step. This program features game situation drills from top-notch shooters to force goaltenders to work on their speed, agility and reaction time. Intensity is the signature of our Prodigy Camp. Goaltenders enrolling in this program are expected to conduct a self-imposed off-ice workout program during the summer so they arrive at the camp in top condition to perform.

    Goaltenders completing the Prodigy Level will know the current trends of NHL goaltenders, the difference between Blocking and Reacting styles and when to use each, their predominant style of play and the NHL goaltender that they most closely model their game after. This program blends a focus on athleticism and aggressiveness with both the blocking and reaction styles to groom the total goalie. 2:1 and 1:1 ratios offered.

    prodigy … a person having extraordinary talent or ability

  • Junior / College / Pro

    TGC wanted to find away to continue to support and work with our goaltenders who have come up through our Fundamental, Situational, Verge and Prodigy Programs. Many of our Prodigy Program Alums have elevated their game to the next level, so TGC has developed a new program targeting our elite goaltenders. This high Intensity program is open to all goalies playing junior, college or professional hockey and will feature top-end shooters, who are also playing at the junior, college, and professional levels. These shooters will be working to improve their own game and will test your skills with every shot in every drill. In the month prior to the camp, each goalie will fill out a strength and weakness sheet and submit it to Coach Des. TGC will then tailor the ice sessions to each goaltender’s specific individual needs. Each goalie will be tested and pushed everyday. We will, as always, put a strong emphasis on paying attention to detail. As up and coming elite level goaltenders, we all know how important it is to focus on the little things; like closing up tight, watching the puck all the way in and controlling rebounds. By the end of the week, we expect our goaltenders to control every shot that is on the ice with the stick, putting rebounds into safe zones. Not only are the goalies who are playing and training at this level intense, focused, and driven, but the players are too. Every chance we get to improve on the most minor detail can turn into one more save for and one less goal against. This will be an on-ice only program with 3 hours of ice per day and offers a Goalie to Station ratio of 2:1 and 1:1.