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NameTeamLevel of PlayDateSaveshf:tax:last_name
Brandon PetersOCHC18 AASeptember 6, 202318p
Cam PendletonDallas PenguinsMite AASeptember 6, 20238p
Zach WieseOwatonnaSquirt ASeptember 5, 202333w
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee ASeptember 1, 202311h
Kailan NashGame 72014August 19, 202311n
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsPeewee CMarch 4, 202323a
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverPeewee B1February 19, 202321b
Kale WittDLHSJVFebruary 9, 202324w
Kale WittDLHSJVFebruary 7, 20237w
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVFebruary 4, 20237e
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVFebruary 3, 202318e
Oliver DickermanCentennial CougarsSquirt B1January 30, 20237d
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVJanuary 27, 202321e
Kale WittDLHSJVJanuary 23, 202328w
Oliver DickermanCentennial CougarsSquirt B1January 20, 202319d
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVJanuary 7, 202310e
Kale WittDLHSJVDecember 20, 202215w
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVDecember 20, 202218e
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsPeewee CDecember 18, 202215a
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVDecember 17, 20228e
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVDecember 13, 202221e
Waylon TiedeMN River BulldogsSquirtDecember 11, 202210t
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverPeewee B1December 11, 202216b
Waylon TiedeMN River BulldogsSquirtDecember 10, 202213t
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverPeewee B1December 10, 20227b
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsPeewee CDecember 3, 202226a
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsPeeweeNovember 20, 202230a
Jerilyn EberlingDodge County WildcatsJVNovember 19, 202218e
Cooper TateRosemount IrishBantam B1October 29, 202216t
Bella Di SilvestroChicago Mission16U AAASeptember 3, 202213d
Britton KinneyRed WingPeewee BMarch 20, 202220k
Britton KinneyRed WingPeewee BMarch 19, 202225k
Oliver DickermanCentennial CougarsMite AMarch 1, 20229d
Trey JordanKYHAU10 C2February 26, 20226j
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAAFebruary 20, 202229d
Lucas BarnettMankato East HighJVFebruary 19, 202217b
Britton KinneyRed WingPeewee BFebruary 17, 202217k
Trey JordanKYHAU10 C2February 5, 20225j
Brennan FolieAlbert Lea TigersJVFebruary 3, 202226f
Lucas BarnettMankato East HighJVJanuary 29, 202214b
Britton KinneyRosemountPeewee BJanuary 22, 202215k
Lucas BarnettMankato East HighVarsityJanuary 21, 202210b
Britton KinneyEast Metro StartPeewee BJanuary 15, 202213k
Britton KinneyPrairie CenterPeewee BJanuary 9, 202213k
Trey JordanKYHAU10 C2January 8, 20224j
Britton KinneyDenfieldPeewee BJanuary 7, 202211k
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesVarsityJanuary 7, 202218b
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverSquirt ADecember 20, 202118b
Britton KinneyRed WingPeewee BDecember 18, 202138k
Trey JordanKYHAU10 C2December 11, 202111j
Claire HillsOronoVarsityDecember 9, 202110h
Claire HillsOronoVarsityDecember 4, 20218h
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesVarsityDecember 4, 202114b
Alexander GordonAlbert Lea TigersSquirt CNovember 28, 20213g
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsPeeweeNovember 28, 20219a
Alexander GordonAlbert Lea TigersSquirt CNovember 19, 20215g
Ayden WagnerHoffman Estates TimberwolvesBantam AANovember 13, 202136w
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAANovember 13, 202121d
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAAOctober 31, 202117d
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAAOctober 29, 202116d
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAAOctober 16, 202112d
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAAOctober 3, 20219d
Bella Di SilvestroTeam Illinois14U AAASeptember 18, 202111d
Spencer BlonigenMidwest Mustangs2010 AAAJune 19, 202126b
Kale WittND Broncos2005 AAAMay 1, 202110w
Kale WittND Broncos2005 AAAApril 30, 202124w
Kale WittDistrict 15U15April 23, 20219w
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverSquirt B1March 24, 202116b
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverSquirt B1March 9, 202118b
Britton KinneyRed WingPeewee CMarch 3, 202130k
Spencer BlonigenElk RiverSquirt B1February 21, 202111b
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersBantamFebruary 15, 202138d
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersBantamFebruary 14, 202127d
Nathan AkerlundMinnesota River BulldogsSquirt BFebruary 13, 202130a
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersBantam MinorJanuary 30, 202118d
Cooper TateRosemount Irish BluePeewee B1January 23, 202120t
Alexander GordonAlbert Lea TigersSquirt CJanuary 23, 202118g
Justin DwireMarshall TigerPeeweeDecember 29, 202017d
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersBantamDecember 8, 202013d
Alexander GordonAlbert Lea TigersSquirt CNovember 17, 20201g
Leland EricksonJunior Ice FlyersU12November 14, 202013e
Cooper TateRosemount Irish BluePeewee B1November 12, 202014t
Keegan DeVriesSioux City MetrosVarsityOctober 31, 202024d
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAASeptember 12, 202034w
Kale WittND Broncos2005 AAAAugust 8, 202025w
Catherine AtchisonCCM Selects14U AAAJuly 17, 202037a
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAAJune 28, 202027w
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAAJune 27, 202016w
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAAJune 13, 202011w
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AFebruary 28, 202017b
Kale WittDetroit Lakes VFW LakersBantam AFebruary 22, 202020w
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1February 21, 2020e
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1February 21, 2020e
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityFebruary 20, 202019b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AFebruary 19, 202015b
Catherine AtchisonSan Jose Jr Sharks14U AAAFebruary 16, 202027a
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AFebruary 15, 202013b
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1February 15, 2020e
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AFebruary 14, 202028b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AFebruary 7, 202026b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AJanuary 27, 202015b
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityJanuary 24, 20207b
Cooper TateRosemount IrishSquirt AJanuary 19, 202015t
Britton KinneyRed WingSquirt BJanuary 18, 202015k
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityJanuary 14, 202015b
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityJanuary 13, 202027b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam AJanuary 4, 202028b
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesJVJanuary 3, 20207b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ADecember 28, 20197b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ADecember 27, 201912b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ADecember 22, 201922b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ADecember 21, 201919b
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1December 15, 2019e
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesJVDecember 10, 201914b
Charlie PedersenRosemount IrishPeewee B1December 8, 20196p
Collin PierskallaMAHAPeewee B1December 7, 201912p
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesJVDecember 7, 201925b
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityDecember 7, 201915b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ANovember 30, 201917b
Riley BurnettMankatoBantam ANovember 30, 201918b
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1November 29, 2019e
Rachel DoppelhammerAlbert Lea TigersJVNovember 25, 201911d
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MajorNovember 23, 201917d
Kale WittDetroit Lakes VFW LakersBantam ANovember 22, 201923w
Collin PierskallaMAHAPeewee B1November 9, 201913p
Keegan DeVriesSioux City MetrosJVNovember 8, 201917d
Xander Carter-KlevenRochester Bantam GoldB1November 3, 20197c
Xander Carter-KlevenRochester Bantam GoldB1November 2, 201912c
Catherine AtchisonSan Jose Jr sharks14U AAAOctober 26, 201935a
Catherine AtchisonSan Jose Jr sharks14U AAAOctober 25, 201916a
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MajorSeptember 14, 201914d
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAASeptember 13, 201927w
Kale WittDL Whalers2006 AAAJune 15, 201919w
Kale WittDL Whalers2006 AAAJune 14, 20196w
Kale WittEuro American Red06 Elite AAAMay 3, 201919w
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAAApril 26, 201923w
Kale WittMidwest Raiders2006 AAAApril 14, 201931w
Anna OlsenBulldog Hockey (St. Peter)U10 BMarch 2, 20197o
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MinorsMarch 1, 201930d
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesBantam AMarch 1, 201927b
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BFebruary 28, 201915d
Collin PierskallaMAHASquirt AFebruary 17, 201915p
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BFebruary 17, 201917d
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MinorFebruary 16, 201913d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersBantam AFebruary 16, 201932d
George JohnsonRoseauSquirt BFebruary 9, 20194j
Brennan FolieAlbert Lea TigersPeewee BFebruary 3, 20199f
Cooper TateRosemount IrishSquirt BFebruary 2, 201928t
Cooper TateRosemount IrishSquirt BFebruary 2, 201926t
Jesse BrownStillwater PoniesVarsityJanuary 31, 201914b
Kooper JohnsonRedwood Area CardinalsPeewee BJanuary 27, 201927j
Kale WittMoorhead Peewee BlackPeewee BJanuary 25, 20198w
Anna OlsenBulldog Hockey (St. Peter)U10 BJanuary 19, 20193o
Kooper JohnsonRedwood Area CardinalsPeewee BJanuary 19, 20195j
Luke EricksonEden PrairieSquirt B1January 19, 2019e
Anna OlsenBulldog Hockey (St. Peter)U10January 18, 20195o
Kooper JohnsonRedwood Area CardinalsPeewee BJanuary 18, 20195j
Cooper TateRosemount IrishSquirt BJanuary 11, 201920t
Kale WittMoorhead Peewee BlackPeewee BJanuary 6, 201920w
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesBantam AJanuary 6, 201923b
Leland EricksonJunior Ice FlyersU10January 5, 20196e
Jesse BrownStillwater PoniesVarsityDecember 22, 201812b
David EngelsrudWoodburyBantam B1December 15, 201826e
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BDecember 15, 20187d
Jesse BrownStillwater PoniesVarsityDecember 13, 201815b
Andy RegnerMinnesota River BulldogsVarsityDecember 11, 201837r
Anna OlsenBulldog Hockey (St. Peter)U10December 11, 20183o
Collin PierskallaMAHASquirt ADecember 9, 201815p
Cooper TateRosemount IrishSquirt BDecember 9, 201814t
Jesse BrownStillwater PoniesVarsityDecember 8, 201814b
Collin PierskallaMAHASquirt ADecember 2, 201820p
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MinorDecember 2, 201824d
Kale WittMoorhead Peewee BlackPeewee BDecember 1, 201810w
Kale WittMoorhead Peewee OrangePeewee BNovember 25, 201811w
Anna OlsenBulldog Hockey (St. Peter)U10November 25, 20185o
Andy RegnerMinnesota River BulldogsVarsityNovember 24, 201822r
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BNovember 24, 201822d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersBantam ANovember 23, 201823d
Kooper JohnsonRedwood Area CardinalsPeewee BNovember 18, 201819j
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BNovember 18, 201814d
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BNovember 17, 201829d
Elijah BlowDetroit LakesBantam ANovember 17, 201840b
Kale WittMoorhead Peewee BlackPeewee BNovember 10, 201816w
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlBantam BNovember 10, 201820d
Jesse BrownBlue ArmyU18October 21, 201811b
Jesse BrownBlue ArmyU18October 19, 20186b
Jaden PlesmanSpruce Grove HammerheadsAtomOctober 14, 20184p
Jesse BrownBlue ArmyU18October 14, 201826b
Jaden PlesmanSpruce Grove HammerheadsAtomOctober 13, 20182p
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersPeewee MinorSeptember 30, 201826d
Jesse BrownBlue ArmyU18September 19, 201820b
Jesse BrownBlue ArmyU18September 16, 201830b
Kale WittFM Predators2006 AAAAugust 4, 201829w
Kale WittFM Predators2006 AAAAugust 3, 201828w
Keegan DeVriesSioux City BlackhawksBantam AJuly 21, 201812d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City BlackhawksBantam AJuly 21, 201821d
Nicholas RochollTommy Chicago Green2005 AAAMay 5, 20185r
Eric CarlsonBulldogsPeeweeApril 14, 201812c
Kooper JohnsonNL CoyotesAAAApril 8, 201815j
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CMarch 18, 201810a
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CFebruary 26, 201810a
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersBantam AFebruary 25, 201817d
Jesse BrownStillwaterVarsityFebruary 24, 201812b
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CFebruary 24, 20188a
Layne HubertWyoming CutthroatsPeewee AFebruary 18, 201810h
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CFebruary 17, 201830a
Andy RegnerMinnesota River BulldogsVarsityFebruary 13, 20187r
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt AFebruary 10, 201811g
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt AFebruary 10, 201812g
David EngelsrudWoodburyBantam B2February 10, 201815e
David EngelsrudWoodburyBantam B2February 5, 201810e
Kooper JohnsonRedwood Area CardinalsSquirt AFebruary 3, 201823j
Gunther JohnsonRosevilleBantam B2February 3, 201832j
Layne HubertDouglas Ice CatsPeewee AFebruary 3, 201810h
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CJanuary 24, 20186a
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CJanuary 20, 20185a
Jesse BrownStillwaterVarsityJanuary 18, 201832b
Kale WittRichland RangersPeewee BJanuary 14, 201819w
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CJanuary 14, 201813a
Kale WittRichland RangersPeewee BJanuary 13, 201811w
Carter HerrmannNew Prague TrojansPeewee BJanuary 11, 201822h
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest Chargers-January 7, 201821d
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CJanuary 7, 201810a
David EngelsrudWoodburyBantam B2January 6, 20185e
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CJanuary 6, 20189a
Carter HerrmannNew Prague TrojansPeewee BJanuary 5, 201818h
Marty BoetelHuron Allstate's Jr GoldVarsityDecember 31, 201721b
Jesse BrownStillwaterVarsityDecember 21, 201716b
Andrew BlahySeine River SnipersAADecember 17, 201715b
Carter HerrmannNew Prague TrojansPeewee BDecember 16, 201711h
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CDecember 11, 201716a
Keaton WalockFaribaultPeewee ADecember 9, 201715w
Jesse BrownStillwaterVarsityDecember 5, 201727b
Kale WittRichland RangersPeewee BDecember 3, 20173w
Andy RegnerMinnesota River BulldogsVarsityDecember 2, 201717r
Kale WittRichland RangersPeewee BDecember 2, 201720w
Keaton WalockFaribaultPeewee ADecember 2, 201722w
Leland EricksonJunior Ice FlyersU10December 2, 20172e
Tyler AhiversLakeville NorthBantam CDecember 1, 201710a
Keaton WalockFaribaultPeewee ANovember 27, 201711w
Layne HubertWyoming CutthroatsPeewee BNovember 24, 201715h
Florian WadeAlaska All StarsU12 Major AANovember 18, 201711w
Rachel DoppelhammerAlbert Lea TigersU12 BNovember 18, 201729d
Andrew BlahySeine River SnipersAANovember 17, 20177b
Andrew BlahySeine River SnipersAANovember 17, 201716b
Keaton WalockFaribaultPeewee ANovember 12, 20177w
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsPeewee BNovember 12, 201710c
Braylon RogersBillings Jr BullsBantamNovember 11, 201733r
Zander TheisBulldogsSquirt CNovember 11, 201745t
Andrew BlahySeine River SnipersAANovember 11, 20176b
Braylon RogersBillings Jr BullsBantamNovember 3, 201716r
Florian WadeAlaska All StarsU12 Major AAAOctober 20, 201712w
Keegan DeVriesSioux City North StarsPeewee BJuly 23, 201718d
Sarah OlsenMankato WestVarsityJuly 17, 201727o
Sarah OlsenMankato WestVarsityJune 12, 201715o
Addison RonningNorth Dakota Sioux WhitePeewee MinorJune 8, 201714r
Nicholas RochollMed City X-Rays2005 AAAApril 28, 201721r
Kale WittFM Predators2006 AAAMarch 19, 201724w
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BMarch 12, 201727w
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CMarch 12, 201716g
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BMarch 11, 201723w
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BMarch 11, 20177w
Tyler KlattMAML MooseHigh SchoolFebruary 23, 20176k
Keegan DeVriesSioux City North StarsPeewee BFebruary 22, 201713d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City North StarsPeewee BFebruary 22, 20173d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City North StarsPeewee BFebruary 22, 20179d
Addison RonningMitchell MarlinsSquirt AFebruary 18, 20175r
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersPeewee AFebruary 18, 201727d
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CFebruary 17, 201714g
Jesse BrownStillwaterJVFebruary 14, 201713b
Layne HubertDouglas Ice CatsSquirt BFebruary 12, 20178h
Addison RonningMitchell MarlinsSquirt AFebruary 11, 20178r
Layne HubertDouglas Ice CatsSquirt BFebruary 11, 201719h
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersPeewee BFebruary 11, 201713d
Keegan DeVriesSioux City Jr MusketeersPeewee BFebruary 11, 201722d
Addison RonningWatertown LawkersSquirt AFebruary 10, 20176r
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CFebruary 10, 20178g
Jesse BrownStillwaterJVFebruary 9, 201723b
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsBantam B1February 8, 201720h
Layne HubertDouglas Ice CatsSquirt BFebruary 4, 201727h
Noah DrummerMankato GraySquirtFebruary 4, 201711d
Brennan FolieAlbert Lea TigersSquirt BJanuary 28, 201714f
Andy RegnerLSHSPTCUC BulldogsVarsityJanuary 24, 201731r
Nicholas RochollRochester GoldPeewee BJanuary 22, 201722r
Tyler KlattMAML MooseHigh SchoolJanuary 21, 201714k
Leland EricksonJunior Ice FlyersU8January 21, 20176e
Keni AllenApple Valley High SchoolJVJanuary 21, 201721a
Tyler KlattMAML MooseHigh SchoolJanuary 19, 201711k
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CJanuary 15, 201711g
Dylan CrosthwaiteRiver Lakes StarsSquirt BJanuary 15, 201727c
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CJanuary 14, 201714g
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BJanuary 13, 201715w
Keni AllenApple Valley High SchoolJVJanuary 11, 20176a
Addison RonningAberdeen GoldSquirt AJanuary 8, 20178r
Addison RonningHuron All StarsSquirt AJanuary 8, 20174r
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BJanuary 8, 201720w
Nicholas RochollRochester GoldPeewee BJanuary 7, 201720r
Andy RegnerLSHSPTCUC BulldogsVarsityJanuary 7, 201724r
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsBantam B1January 7, 20173h
Presley PatrinMora MustangsPeewee B2January 1, 201716p
Derek GustafsonWaseca Blue JaysSquirt CDecember 30, 201614g
Tanner NelsonAlbert Lea TigersSquirt ADecember 29, 201611n
Keni AllenApple Valley High SchoolJVDecember 28, 201618a
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsBantam B1December 18, 201611h
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsSquirt ADecember 18, 20168c
Addison RonningSioux City GoldSquirt ADecember 17, 201624r
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BDecember 17, 201621w
Addison RonningSioux Falls EastSquirt ADecember 16, 20166r
Kale WittRichland RangersSquirt BDecember 11, 20166w
Presley PatrinMora MustangsPeewee B2December 11, 201611p
Andy RegnerLSHSPTCUC BulldogsVarsityDecember 10, 201617r
Carson DewaldJamestown-Valley City ProwlPeewee BDecember 10, 201631d
Brendan UngerMankato BlackPeewee BDecember 10, 201620u
Brendan UngerMankato BlackPeewee BDecember 9, 201613u
Bella Di SilvestroNorthwest ChargersSquirt ADecember 4, 201615d
Noah DrummerMankato GraySquirt BDecember 4, 20164d
Andy RegnerLSHSPTCUC BulldogsVarsityDecember 3, 201617r
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsBantam B1December 3, 20162h
Tyler KlattMAML MooseHigh SchoolDecember 2, 201626k
Raiden GordonAlbert LeaPeewee CNovember 20, 201619g
Noah DrummerMankato GraySquirt BNovember 19, 201615d
Dylan CrosthwaiteRiver Lakes StarsSquirt BNovember 19, 20166c
Nicole Vander HeydenInver Grove Heights12UBNovember 15, 20169v
Nicholas RochollRochester GoldPeewee BNovember 13, 201620r
Presley PatrinMora MustangsPeewee B1November 13, 201615p
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 T1November 12, 201619h
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsSquirt ANovember 12, 20168c
Nicole Vander HeydenInver Grove Heights12UBNovember 12, 201617v
Noah DrummerMankato GraySquirt BNovember 10, 20168d
Nicholas RochollMed City X-Rays2005 AAAAugust 14, 201630r
Nicholas RochollMed City X-Rays2005 AAAMay 8, 20165r
Nicholas RochollMed City X-Rays2005 AAAApril 17, 201620r
Joshua PetersonChico FirebirdsPeeweeMarch 6, 20165p
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AAFebruary 28, 201626b
Jacob TormalaPCYHAMiteFebruary 27, 201618t
Casey JohnsonHouston Jr WildPeewee AAFebruary 27, 201618j
Nicholas RochollRochester BlackSquirt BFebruary 26, 201620r
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsSquirt CFebruary 23, 20167c
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsPeewee CFebruary 21, 201610d
Alex BengstonApple ValleyPeewee CFebruary 15, 201616b
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee AAFebruary 13, 201615h
Luc HaggittHuntsville ChargersAAFebruary 6, 201612h
Sydney WisemanAlexandria CardinalsU10 AJanuary 31, 201645w
Jakob LaneMM ThunderBantamJanuary 24, 201633l
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1January 24, 201613h
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 BJanuary 24, 201618h
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsPeewee CJanuary 24, 20166d
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsPeewee CJanuary 23, 201611d
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsSquirt CJanuary 23, 20169c
Alex BengstonApple ValleyPeewee CJanuary 23, 20168b
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee AJanuary 17, 201614t
Malaki HansenBuffalo BisonSquirt B2January 16, 20165h
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AAJanuary 13, 201615b
Nicholas RochollRochester BlackSquirt BJanuary 10, 201624r
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1January 10, 201623h
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1January 10, 201612h
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 BJanuary 10, 201623h
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1January 9, 201614h
Grady FowlesDes Moines Jr BucsSquirt AJanuary 9, 201619f
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AAJanuary 9, 201626b
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1January 8, 20168h
David EngelsrudWoodburyPeewee AJanuary 8, 20168e
Sarah OlsenMankato WestJVJanuary 4, 201625o
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsPeewee CJanuary 3, 201616d
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 A T2January 2, 201618h
Grant BrooksMounds View/IrondalePeeweeJanuary 2, 20167b
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 BJanuary 1, 201613h
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee ADecember 26, 201514t
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenBantam AADecember 20, 201520h
Bella Di SilvestroHoffman Estate CoyotesMiteDecember 20, 201513d
Carson CronquistRiver Lakes StarsSquirt CDecember 20, 201519c
Nicholas RochollRochester BlackSquirt BDecember 19, 20156r
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee ADecember 19, 201515t
Grant BrooksMounds View/IrondalePeeweeDecember 19, 201511b
Nicholas RochollRochester BlackSquirt BDecember 18, 201515r
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee ADecember 18, 201518t
Christopher ChiricoOmaha Hockey ClubU12 AAADecember 18, 20158c
Sarah OlsenMankato MavericksU12 BDecember 15, 201517o
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsPeewee CDecember 13, 20156d
Alex BengstonApple ValleyPeewee CDecember 12, 201521b
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee ADecember 6, 201514t
Grant BrooksMounds View/IrondalePeewee CDecember 6, 201511b
Jadine HallowellLady Junior LancersU19 BDecember 5, 201512h
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AADecember 2, 201528b
Jack TavernaStillwaterPeewee ANovember 29, 201520t
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1November 29, 20158h
Tyler Hoffman YorkRochester YouthSquirt BNovember 28, 201514h y
Noah DrummerMankato GraySquirt BNovember 28, 20156d
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenBantam AANovember 27, 201519h
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B1November 22, 201531h
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AANovember 21, 201520b
Christopher ChiricoOmaha Hockey ClubU12 AAANovember 17, 201517c
Grant BrooksMounds View/IrondalePeewee CNovember 15, 201519b
Alex BengstonApple ValleyPeewee CNovember 8, 201514b
Casey JohnsonHouston Jr WildPeewee MajorNovember 6, 201523j
Luke HemphillOsseo Maple GroveSquirt B2October 28, 201511h
Bella Di SilvestroHoffman Estate CoyotesMiteOctober 25, 201522d
Casey JohnsonHouston Jr WildPeewee MajorOctober 10, 201521j
Christopher ChiricoOmaha Hockey ClubU12 AAASeptember 19, 201526c
Christopher ChiricoOmaha Hockey ClubU12 AAASeptember 12, 201521c
Nicholas RochollIce ClamsAAAAugust 15, 201515r
Sarah OlsenMankato MavericksU12 AAAJune 27, 201512o
Casey JohnsonHouston Jr AerosPeewee AMay 24, 201512j
Casey JohnsonHouston Jr AerosPeewee AMay 23, 201517j
Sarah OlsenMankato MavericksU12 AAAMay 2, 201511o
Nicholas RochollIce ClamsAAAApril 18, 201516r
Nicholas RochollIce ClamsAAAApril 18, 201515r
Chase FurlongVipersMiteApril 2, 201517f
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1March 8, 201517b
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1March 7, 201520b
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteMarch 5, 201510d
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AAFebruary 28, 201512h
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteFebruary 27, 20153d
Gunther JohnsonWoodbury BlackSquirt CFebruary 23, 20155j
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AAFebruary 20, 201516c
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AFebruary 16, 201518h
Jackson BolineAlexandriaBantam AFebruary 15, 201517b
Brendan UngerMankato PurpleSquirt BFebruary 15, 201523u
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AAFebruary 14, 201516c
Gunther JohnsonWoodbury BlackSquirt CFebruary 7, 201517j
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AAFebruary 3, 201531b
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AAFebruary 1, 201526c
Jonah PellegromEaganBantam AAJanuary 31, 20158p
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B2January 20, 201524h
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AAJanuary 16, 20158c
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B2January 10, 201516h
Mikayla BohnerFaribault FalconsU12 AJanuary 5, 201517b
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsSquirtJanuary 4, 20156d
Jonah PellegromEaganBantam AAJanuary 3, 201513p
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteJanuary 3, 20156d
Wyatt LundMankato BlackSquirt CJanuary 1, 20157l
Wyatt LundMankato BlackSquirt CDecember 28, 20149l
Mikayla BohnerFaribault FalconsU12 ADecember 28, 201433b
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1December 28, 201426b
Sarah OlsenMankato MavericksU12 BDecember 27, 20144o
Sarah OlsenMankato MavericksU12 BDecember 20, 20148o
Lochlin JacksonJr MusketeersSquirtDecember 20, 201414j
Kieran DuffyOahe CapitalsSquirtDecember 19, 20147d
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1December 19, 20145b
Tyler AhiversLakeville SouthSquirt CDecember 17, 201417a
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AADecember 14, 201414c
Davis CastertonA PeeweesADecember 12, 201410c
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1December 12, 201423b
Jonah PellegromEaganBantam AADecember 7, 201411p
Kyle JohnsonSt. Peter BulldogsPeewee BDecember 7, 201416j
Tyler AhiversLakeville SouthSquirt CDecember 6, 201410a
David EngelsrudWoodburySquirt BDecember 6, 201416e
Tyler AhiversLakeville SouthSquirt CDecember 6, 20149a
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AANovember 29, 201411c
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1November 29, 201414b
Jake BaconGrand Fork JetsPeewee B1November 29, 20143b
Nicole Vander HeydenInver Grove Height12UBNovember 29, 201411v
Jonah PellegromEaganBantam AANovember 28, 201417p
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsPeewee B2November 23, 201418h
Cole WalterCentury High SchoolHigh SchoolNovember 22, 201419w
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteNovember 22, 201410d
Jonah PellegromEaganBantam AANovember 21, 201420p
Ashli JohnsonFargo FreezeU10 ANovember 16, 201410j
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AANovember 15, 20148c
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteNovember 9, 20146d
Jesse BrownStillwaterBantam AANovember 3, 201416b
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteNovember 2, 20147d
Bella Di SilvestroAddison GrizzliesMiteOctober 26, 20148d
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AASeptember 21, 20148c
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsSquirt AJune 16, 201432h
Lochlin JacksonSabres 05AAA MiteMay 18, 201427j
Lochlin JacksonSabres 05AAA MiteApril 5, 201418j
Luc HaggittWichita WarriorsPeewee AMarch 9, 201415h
Luc HaggittWichita WarriorsPeewee AMarch 8, 201425h
Sarah OlsenNorth MankatoU10 BFebruary 23, 201412o
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsSquirt AFebruary 23, 201431h
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AFebruary 23, 201426a
Christopher ChiricoKC StarsPeewee AAFebruary 22, 20148c
Dylan CzerlanisMaulersBantamFebruary 16, 201426c
Lochlin JacksonSioux City Jr MusketeersMite GoldFebruary 12, 201410j
Lochlin JacksonSioux City Jr MusketeersMite GoldFebruary 8, 201412j
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AFebruary 8, 201425h
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AFebruary 1, 201411a
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersHigh SchoolJanuary 28, 20149w
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AJanuary 26, 201414h
Jaxon HeilmanAlbert LeaPeewee AJanuary 26, 201419h
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsBantam BJanuary 25, 201416r
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AJanuary 25, 201414h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AJanuary 25, 20147h
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsBantam BJanuary 24, 201419r
Gabriel HubbardEagan WildcatsSquirt AJanuary 22, 20149h
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AJanuary 19, 20149a
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AJanuary 18, 20147h
Oliver BoerstCalifornia TitansU16 AAAJanuary 18, 201420b
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsBantam BJanuary 17, 201427r
Scott LindenbergerNW IcemenBantamJanuary 5, 201417l
Scott LindenbergerNW IcemenBantamDecember 22, 201313l
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersHigh SchoolDecember 21, 201339w
Gunther JohnsonWoodbury BlackSquirt CDecember 21, 201316j
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsBantam BDecember 14, 201330r
Jessica KarrmannShattuck-St. Mary'sU17December 14, 201311k
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt ADecember 8, 201316a
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsBantam BDecember 1, 201320r
Sarah OlsenNorth MankatoU10 BDecember 1, 20132o
Scott LindenbergerNW IcemenBantamDecember 1, 201329l
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAANovember 30, 201315f
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAANovember 23, 20139f
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 21, 201334b
Jessica KarrmannShattuck-St. Mary'sU16November 16, 201326k
Luc HaggittWichita WarriorsPeewee ANovember 9, 201318h
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAANovember 9, 201312f
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersHigh SchoolNovember 5, 201320w
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee ANovember 5, 201318h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee ANovember 2, 201317h
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAAOctober 27, 201313f
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeeweeOctober 25, 201314h
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAAOctober 18, 201324f
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee AOctober 15, 201325h
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAASeptember 22, 201335f
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAASeptember 20, 201316f
Alex FierroColorado ThunderbirdsU14 AAASeptember 1, 201325f
Jesse BrownEastern ElitePeeweeAugust 24, 201310b
Jesse BrownMiracle Gold01 AAAMay 30, 201318b
Jacob KluzakTwin Cities Extreme2001 AAAMay 19, 201318k
Becket BurnsButte RatsPeewee AMarch 16, 20135b
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AMarch 11, 201313h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AMarch 10, 20136h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AMarch 8, 201320h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AMarch 5, 201313h
Jesse BrownStillwaterPeewee B1March 2, 201328b
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AFebruary 23, 201316h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AFebruary 22, 20135h
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2February 21, 201322k
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AFebruary 18, 201310h
Sarah OlsenNorth MankatoU10February 17, 201310o
Jaxon HeilmanAlbert LeaSquirt AFebruary 16, 201318h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1February 12, 201316
Jacob KluzakNorthfield RaidersSquirt BFebruary 10, 201310k
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityFebruary 9, 201321b
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2February 8, 201318k
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersBantam AFebruary 7, 201316w
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1February 5, 20133h
Brody AmrheinChaska-ChanhassenSquirt BFebruary 2, 20138a
Brody AmrheinChaska-ChanhassenSquirt BJanuary 27, 201310a
Sarah OlsenNorth MankatoU10January 26, 201314o
Rikshith ChittajalluEaganPeewee AAJanuary 26, 20137c
Rikshith ChittajalluEaganPeewee AAJanuary 26, 201312c
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2January 24, 201325k
Brody AmrheinChaska-ChanhassenSquirt BJanuary 23, 20134a
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1January 22, 201315h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AJanuary 21, 201310h
Brett KnowltonBurnette BlizzardBantamJanuary 20, 201320k
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AJanuary 20, 20136h
Henry WitterscheinChanhassen GoldPeewee CJanuary 19, 201316w
Brody AmrheinChaska-ChanhassenSquirt BJanuary 19, 201310a
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityJanuary 18, 201323b
Julianna AlbertCottage GroveU10BJanuary 18, 201312a
Julianna AlbertCottage GroveU10BJanuary 18, 201315a
Rikshith ChittajalluEaganPeewee AAJanuary 16, 201316c
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityJanuary 16, 201332b
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersVarsityJanuary 15, 201331o
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1January 15, 20138h
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2January 13, 201324k
Brett KnowltonRice Lake WarriorsBantamJanuary 13, 201312k
Brody AmrheinChaska-ChanhassenSquirt BJanuary 13, 20136a
Preston KostlanRussell StoverU14 AAA T1 EliteJanuary 12, 201324k
Jesse BrownStillwaterPeewee B1January 12, 201318b
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1January 9, 20136h
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsPeewee AJanuary 6, 201320r
Sarah OlsenMankato HockeyU10January 6, 20136o
Carter DethloffMuskegon ChiefsSquirt AJanuary 6, 201319d
Sarah OlsenMankato HockeyU10January 5, 20136o
Jacob KluzakNorthfield RaidersSquirt BJanuary 5, 201316k
Gunther JohnsonWoodbury BlackSquirt CJanuary 5, 201310j
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AJanuary 5, 201313h
Jaxon HeilmanAlbert LeaSquirt AJanuary 4, 20136h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1January 3, 20138h
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt AJanuary 2, 20138h
Rikshith ChittajalluEaganPeewee AADecember 23, 201220c
Nathaniel LewisLeafsPeeweeDecember 22, 201224l
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersJVDecember 21, 201218o
Jaxon HeilmanAlbert LeaSquirt ADecember 21, 201224h
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2December 15, 201218k
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersBantam ADecember 8, 201224w
Jack KillianSibley WarriorsPeewee B2December 8, 201226k
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1December 8, 20129h
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityDecember 8, 201226b
Kyle JohnsonSt. Peter BulldogsSquirtDecember 2, 201217j
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt ADecember 2, 201214h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1December 2, 20127h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1November 29, 201213h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1November 25, 20128h
Jesse BrownStillwaterPeewee B1November 25, 201213b
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1November 24, 20125h
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersBantam ANovember 19, 201251w
Sarah OlsenMankato HockeyU10November 18, 201214o
Sarah OlsenMankato HockeyU10November 17, 20121o
Henry WitterscheinChanhassen ChaskaPeewee CNovember 17, 201212w
Zachary HansenChaska-ChanhassenSquirt ANovember 16, 20124h
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1November 12, 20128h
Jesse BrownStillwaterPeewee B1November 10, 201212b
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 6, 201227b
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersBantam ANovember 5, 20129w
Taylor HansenChaska-ChanhassenPeewee B1November 4, 20126h
Preston KostlanSan Jose Jr SharksU14 AAA T1 EliteNovember 3, 201224k
Kyle TuriAustin StarsHigh SchoolNovember 2, 201215t
Henry WitterscheinChanhassen GoldPeewee CNovember 2, 201217w
Jayson EfnorChaska/ChanhassenBantam AAOctober 28, 201210e
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityOctober 27, 201212b
Jayson EfnorChaska/ChanhassenBantam AAOctober 23, 201234e
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt AASeptember 28, 201213c
Cody BrewerSharksPeeweeJuly 16, 201237b
Blake LueckMiracle United 03AAA MiteMay 20, 201220l
Rikshith ChittajalluChampions HockeyAAAMay 19, 201223c
Jesse BrownMiracle Gold01 AAAMay 4, 201214b
Mikayla BohnerRink Rats10U AAAApril 29, 201213b
Mikayla BohnerRink RatsU10 AAAApril 28, 201214b
Emil HagasethLørenskogAAAApril 1, 201215h
Emil HagasethLørenskogBantamMarch 24, 201218h
Emil HagasethLørenskogBantamMarch 23, 201225h
Raedyn OverbyFarmington TigersU8March 8, 201211o
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam AFebruary 26, 201234o
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AFebruary 26, 20129a
Preston KostlanRussel Stover98 Elite T1February 25, 201220k
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AFebruary 25, 201211a
Connor AdamsMissouri Jr MavsSquirt AFebruary 25, 20126a
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam AFebruary 23, 201223o
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityFebruary 21, 201218a
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt AFebruary 20, 201211b
Mikayla BohnerFaribault FalconsU10 BFebruary 19, 201214b
Brandon KourtCasper OilersSquirtFebruary 18, 201236k
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 AFebruary 18, 20127e
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirtFebruary 12, 20126l
Parker JohnsonHastingsSquirt AFebruary 11, 201235j
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt AFebruary 11, 201214c
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityFebruary 11, 201217a
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityFebruary 10, 201211b
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityFebruary 10, 201214a
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 AFebruary 5, 201210e
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsPeewee BFebruary 4, 201230r
Brandon KourtCasper OilersSquirtFebruary 4, 201216k
Parker JohnsonHastingsSquirt AFebruary 4, 201237j
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityFebruary 2, 20126a
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 AJanuary 28, 20125e
Preston KostlanRussel Stover98 Elite T1January 27, 201215k
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityJanuary 27, 201238b
Joey BiewerDodge Co. WildcatsBantam AJanuary 26, 201213b
Jamie HumphreyLansing SpartansBantam AAJanuary 25, 201223h
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityJanuary 24, 20127a
Ross KittelNew RichmondSquirt AJanuary 21, 20126k
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityJanuary 19, 201216a
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt AJanuary 15, 201214c
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityJanuary 14, 201224a
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityJanuary 12, 201224a
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsPeewee BJanuary 7, 201224r
Brandon KourtCasper OilersSquirtJanuary 7, 201214k
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityJanuary 7, 201214b
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityJanuary 7, 201221a
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt AJanuary 6, 201214c
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt ADecember 30, 201113c
Erik HareidAlbert Lea TigersSquirt ADecember 13, 20116h
Orion BoylstonAmes Little CyclonesVarsityDecember 11, 201122b
Calen HoelscherAlbert Lea TigersPeeweeDecember 10, 20116h
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 ADecember 10, 201111e
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsPeewee BDecember 9, 201122r
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ADecember 8, 201112o
Joey BiewerDodge Co. WildcatsBantam ADecember 6, 201117b
Oliver EvensonMinneapolis StormSquirt B1December 5, 201118e
Katie PaulsonMankato East CougarsVarsityDecember 5, 201111p
Cole WalterRochester BlackPeewee ADecember 4, 201120w
Blaize CainFindlay OilersSquirtDecember 4, 201119c
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt ADecember 4, 201110b
Blaize CainFindlay OilersSquirtDecember 3, 201126c
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ANovember 30, 201114o
Lexi OlsonRed KnightsU12 BNovember 28, 201112o
Brett KnowltonBarron-Chetek GrizzliesBantamNovember 26, 20114k
Cody BrewerSelect GilbertPeeweeNovember 25, 201140b
Alek LashombRoseville BulldogsSquirt CNovember 24, 201112l
Joey BiewerDodge Co. WildcatsBantam ANovember 22, 201115b
Raedyn OverbyFarmington TigersU8November 20, 20117o
Justis OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee CNovember 19, 20119o
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ANovember 18, 20114o
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 17, 201128b
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ANovember 16, 201117o
Emil HagasethLørenskog2000November 13, 201111h
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 12, 20118b
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ANovember 11, 201115o
Justis OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee CNovember 11, 201114o
Jessica HawkinsonCoulee Region GirlsU14November 7, 201112h
Jessica HawkinsonCoulee Region GirlsU14November 7, 201111h
Jessica HawkinsonCoulee Region GirlsU14November 6, 20119h
Orion BoylstonAmes Little CyclonesVarsityNovember 6, 201123b
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersBantam ANovember 5, 201117o
Justis OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee CNovember 5, 201111o
Brandon KourtCasper OilersSquirtNovember 5, 201111k
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 ANovember 5, 201114e
Brandon KourtCasper OilersSquirtNovember 4, 201112k
Emil HagasethLørenskog2000October 30, 201119h
Justis OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee COctober 29, 201112o
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityOctober 29, 201120b
Noah HagasethLørenskog2002October 23, 20116h
Christopher ChiricoMissouri Jr MavericksSquirt AOctober 23, 20113c
Emil HagasethLørenskog2000October 22, 201110h
Theo Rooseboom DeBriesLørenskog IK1stOctober 18, 20117d
Emil HagasethLørenskog2000October 15, 201115h
Cody BrewerHavocPeeweeOctober 10, 201132b
Jamie HumphreyLansing CapitalsBantamOctober 5, 201120h
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirtOctober 1, 201114l
Emil HagasethLørenskog2000September 22, 20117h
Connor BirdMinnesota FlamesAAAApril 30, 201118b
Connor BirdMinnesota FlamesAAAApril 30, 201120b
Jack RobbelMinnesota Machine99 AAAApril 17, 201121r
Jesse BrownMiracle Gold01 AAAApril 15, 201128b
Blake VogtRiver Lake StarsSquirtApril 2, 20118v
Alex J RipplingerHudson BladersMite AMarch 27, 201111r
Alex J RipplingerHudson BladersMite 2March 26, 20114r
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirt B1March 8, 201119l
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BMarch 5, 201112p
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt AMarch 2, 201115b
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersSquirt AFebruary 26, 201118w
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BFebruary 26, 201121b
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldJVFebruary 22, 201111t
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2February 21, 201113p
Connor PoczosAustin PackersPeewee AFebruary 21, 20118p
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirt B1February 20, 20117l
Erik HareidAlbert Lea TigersSquirt BFebruary 18, 20115h
Orion BoylstonAmes Little CyclonesJVFebruary 18, 201119b
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BFebruary 14, 201111p
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BFebruary 12, 20117p
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2February 12, 201115p
Connor BirdMonticello StarsPeewee BFebruary 11, 201119b
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityFebruary 11, 201136a
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2February 7, 201112p
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersSquirt AFebruary 5, 201120w
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirt B1February 5, 201110l
Zachary BirrMankato MavericksPeewee CFebruary 5, 201128b
Matt BerknerSleepy EyeBantam BFebruary 5, 201121b
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersSquirt AFebruary 4, 201120w
Kalli EngenShakopee SabersU12 AFebruary 3, 201117e
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2January 30, 201111p
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolJanuary 29, 201120r
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BJanuary 29, 201111p
Nic LeiboldEastview LightningPeewee B2January 29, 201121l
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BJanuary 23, 20115p
Tyler KlattBecker Big LakeSquirt B1January 23, 201137k
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolJanuary 20, 201117r
Threse CoughlanScarletsVarsityJanuary 20, 201115c
Threse CoughlanScarletsVarsityJanuary 18, 201121c
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BJanuary 16, 201115b
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolJanuary 15, 201112r
Jessica KarrmannHastingsPeewee B2January 15, 20118k
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsVarsityJanuary 15, 201147j
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2January 14, 201121p
Isiah DilleyHibbing Blue JacketsBantam AJanuary 14, 201116d
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolJanuary 13, 201116r
Connor PoczosAustin PackersPeewee AJanuary 11, 201125p
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BJanuary 9, 201110p
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt AJanuary 9, 201111b
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthJanuary 8, 201113h
Maddie BoweSouth Paws14U AJanuary 7, 201129b
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolJanuary 6, 201123r
Threse CoughlanScarletsVarsityJanuary 6, 201134c
Andrew ArgerosBlaine BengalsSquirt B2January 5, 201110a
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BJanuary 3, 20116p
Andy RegnerLeSueur St Peter BulldogsSquirt AJanuary 2, 201118r
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantamJanuary 2, 201110b
Oliver EvensonMinneapolis StormSquirt B1January 1, 20113e
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BJanuary 1, 20119b
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldVarsityDecember 29, 201018t
Jessica KarrmannHastingsPeewee B2December 28, 20106k
Jamie HumphreyLansing CapitalsBantam BDecember 23, 201015h
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BDecember 22, 20106b
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolDecember 21, 201023r
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BDecember 19, 201012p
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthDecember 19, 201016h
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthDecember 19, 201012h
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthDecember 19, 201017h
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthDecember 19, 20106h
Threse CoughlanScarletsVarsityDecember 18, 201024c
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsVarsityDecember 16, 201027j
Keshia ReuversOwatonna HuskiesHigh SchoolDecember 14, 201016r
Seth EdeenCheyeene CapitalsVarsityDecember 9, 201052e
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BDecember 9, 20102b
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsVarsityDecember 7, 201015a
Ben WithamAlberta Lea TigersSquirt ADecember 6, 201027w
Ross KittelNew RichmondMitesDecember 4, 201010k
Ross KittelNew RichmondMitesDecember 4, 20102k
Kory DombrowskiSouth FL Golden WolvesU16 ADecember 4, 201036d
Threse CoughlanScarletsVarsityDecember 4, 201020c
Andrew ArgerosBlaine BengalsSquirt B2December 4, 20109a
Orion BoylstonAmes Little CyclonesJVNovember 30, 201036b
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2November 28, 20105p
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt ANovember 28, 201013b
Jesse BrownStillwaterSquirt ANovember 27, 20106b
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksBantam BNovember 27, 20103b
Brendan PasdoMinneapolis StormSquirt B2November 26, 20106p
Oliver EvensonMinneapolis StormSquirt B1November 26, 2010e
Bauer AucoinAlliance BulldogsSquirt AANovember 26, 201014a
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BNovember 21, 20105p
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 20, 201013b
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU12 BNovember 19, 20108p
Nathaniel BroseMonroe Catholic HSVarsityNovember 19, 201021b
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsVarsityNovember 16, 201023j
Nathaniel LewisLeafsSquirt B1November 14, 20107l
Ryan O’TooleHouston WildBantam ANovember 13, 201020o
Bauer AucoinAlliance BulldogsSquirt AAOctober 9, 201023a
Alli AltmanMinnesota StateD1 WomensOctober 9, 201019a
Cam PendletonDallas Stars SelectsMite AASeptember 6, 20108p
Maddie BoweSouth Paws14U AAugust 31, 201013b
Cam PendletonDallas JetsMiteJune 25, 201020p
Will JenningsLincoln Jr StarsSquirt SelectsMay 16, 20108j
Roman KiddFlint IcelandSquirt BMay 12, 201021k
Jesse BrownWarriors01 AAAMay 8, 201010b
Jesse BrownWarriors01 AAAMay 4, 201022b
Connor BirdMinnesota FlamesAAAMay 2, 201012b
Jesse BrownWarriors01 AAAApril 30, 201019b
Nic LeiboldFremont FlyersSquirt AAMarch 22, 201023l
Nic LeiboldLincoln House 2SquirtMarch 15, 201012l
Cam PendletonDallas PenguinsMite AAMarch 13, 201014p
Roman KiddGFHA Ice RaidersSquirt BMarch 12, 201027k
Lauren PenttinenDuluth IcebreakersU10 BMarch 7, 201012p
Zach GazzanaWashington County IcePeewee AMarch 6, 201018g
Brandon PetersOCHC18 AAFebruary 28, 201018p
Brandon PetersOCHC18 AAFebruary 27, 201021p
Zach GazzanaWashington County IcePeewee AFebruary 27, 201010g
Andrew ArgerosBlaine BengalsSquirt CFebruary 27, 201022a
Jonathan TrevathanApple ValleyPeewee AFebruary 19, 201015t
Will JenningsLincoln Jr StarsSquirt SelectsFebruary 13, 201013j
Zach GazzanaWashington County IcePeewee AFebruary 13, 201014g
Brandon PetersOCHC18 AAFebruary 12, 201027p
Andrew ArgerosBlaine BengalsSquirt CFebruary 7, 201010a
Andrew NelsonSmiley SpartansVarsityFebruary 6, 201040n
Zachary BirrMankato MavericksPeewee CFebruary 5, 201012b
Ben WithamRogersPeewee AFebruary 1, 201011w
Roman KiddGFHA Ice RaidersSquirt BJanuary 31, 201017k
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 AJanuary 29, 20109k
Jayson EfnorChaska/ChanhassenPeeweeJanuary 29, 201010e
Hannah RuppIrondale KnightsU12 BJanuary 28, 201015r
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersPeewee AJanuary 24, 201014k
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsU14January 24, 201022j
Nathaniel BroseAlaska GrizzliesBantam T2January 24, 201017b
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsU14January 23, 201017j
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsU14January 23, 201028j
Nathaniel BroseAlaska GrizzliesBantam T2January 23, 20106b
Jake FlemingNew Prague TrojansPeewee B1January 22, 201015f
Jake FlemingNew Prague TrojansPeewee B1January 17, 20106f
Jake FlemingNew Prague TrojansPeewee B1January 2, 20109f
Andrew ArgerosBlaine BengalsSquirt CDecember 29, 20097a
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee B1December 20, 200917o
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersPeewee B1December 19, 200927o
Sean HandleyEau Claire MustangsPeewee ADecember 19, 200912h
Jonathan TrevathanApple ValleyPeewee ADecember 18, 200923t
Nic LeiboldLincoln Jr StarsSquirt ADecember 13, 200934l
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsU14December 13, 200913j
Nathaniel BroseAlaska GrizzliesBantam T2December 12, 200925b
Tyler KlattBecker Big LakeSquirt B1December 10, 200914k
Levi GoosmannWillmarBantam ADecember 6, 200911g
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersPeewee ADecember 5, 200918k
Tyler KlattBecker Big LakeSquirt B1December 5, 20095k
Tyler KlattBecker Big LakeSquirt B1December 5, 20094k
Jake FlemingNew Prague TrojansPeewee B1December 5, 200916f
Connor BirdMonticello StarsPeewee BDecember 5, 200927b
Tyler KlattBecker Big LakeSquirt B1December 4, 20094k
Nick HartRosemountSquirt ANovember 28, 2009h
Jake FlemingNew Prague TrojansPeewee B1November 28, 20093f
Nathaniel BroseAlaska GrizzliesBantam T2November 28, 200916b
Alex HoelscherChamplin Park RebelsSquirt B1November 27, 20098h
Nathaniel BroseAlaska GrizzliesBantam T2November 26, 20098b
Dominique JungelsRiver Lake StarsU14November 22, 200916j
Zach GazzanaWashington County IcePeewee ANovember 21, 200910g
Maddie BoweFarmington Tigers12U ANovember 21, 200911b
Nick KossoffNPI Leafs-November 16, 200919k
Zach GazzanaWashington County IcePeewee ANovember 8, 200914g
Alex HoelscherChamplin Park MASHSquirtSeptember 27, 200922h
Cam PendletonDallas PenguinsMite AASeptember 26, 200911p
Nicholas CafrelliMinnesota OwlsMnJHL Jr ASeptember 20, 200935c
Nathaniel BroseBantam T208/30/09August 30, 200916b
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 AAugust 23, 200912k
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 AAugust 21, 20095k
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 AAugust 15, 20095k
Nic LeiboldFremont FlyersSquirt BJuly 1, 200932l
Sean HandleyEau Claire MustangsPeewee AApril 22, 200916h
Connor BirdMonticello StarsSquirt BMarch 15, 200916b
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AMarch 8, 20095k
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BMarch 8, 200920a
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AMarch 7, 200910k
Nick KossoffNPI Leafs-February 22, 200914k
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BFebruary 21, 20096a
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AFebruary 15, 200912k
Nick HartRosemountSquirt AFebruary 14, 2009h
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BFebruary 14, 200923a
Nick HartRosemountSquirt AFebruary 13, 2009h
Noah HagasethLørenskogYouthFebruary 13, 2009h
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BFebruary 9, 200917a
Nick KossoffNPI Leafs-February 8, 200928k
Connor BirdMonticello StarsSquirt BFebruary 8, 200917b
Katie BassettSPL High SchoolVarsityFebruary 3, 200927b
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BFebruary 2, 20098a
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AJanuary 31, 200910k
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AJanuary 31, 20095k
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksPeewee BJanuary 29, 200915b
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BJanuary 26, 200910a
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AJanuary 25, 20099k
Preston KostlanAmes FlyersSquirt AJanuary 25, 20094k
Nick HartRosemountSquirt AJanuary 25, 2009h
Connor BirdMonticello StarsSquirt BJanuary 22, 200926b
Chris ArmsdenSt Peter BulldogsJVJanuary 22, 200933a
Nick HartRosemountSquirt AJanuary 18, 2009h
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BJanuary 17, 20096a
Ty LarsonHuron High SchoolJVJanuary 16, 200915l
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BJanuary 11, 20094a
Nick HartRosemountSquirt AJanuary 9, 2009h
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldJVJanuary 8, 200917t
Madison ZellmerMankatoU12January 1, 200918z
Nick HartSquirt ASquirt ADecember 20, 2008h
Mitchell BarrettCentennialBantam B1December 20, 200832b
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksPeewee BDecember 19, 20083b
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldVarsityDecember 16, 200820t
Ty LarsonHuron High SchoolJVDecember 13, 200810l
Katie BassettSPL High SchoolVarsityDecember 13, 200826b
Isiah DilleyHibbing Blue JacketsPeewee BDecember 11, 200863d
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 BDecember 7, 20085k
Jonathan TrevathanHighland CentralPeewee B1December 6, 200814t
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BDecember 6, 200815a
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BDecember 2, 200810a
Ty LarsonHuron High SchoolJVNovember 23, 200828l
Jessica KarrmannHastingsU10 BNovember 22, 20087k
Will BehsmanMankato MavericksPeewee BNovember 21, 200817b
Jonathan TrevathanHighland CentralPeewee B1November 16, 200814t
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BNovember 16, 200834a
Kristoffer AndersonRosevillePeewee BNovember 8, 200817a
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 2, 200815e
John WiebuschArctic Wolves-November 1, 200818w
Nic LeiboldFremont FlyersSquirt BOctober 12, 20082l
Lauren JoarntSSM GirlsU18September 28, 200825j
Nick KossoffRussel Stover/DM-September 14, 200820k
Lauren JoarntProspects Team VT-May 18, 200816j
Jayson EfnorMN Jr Mavericks-April 19, 200810e
Marco ZinkHudson SnipersSquirt CMarch 29, 20083z
Austin GlynnTYH WhiteSquirtMarch 9, 20081g
Michael HubbardMichigan Jaguars98March 4, 200810h
Jessica KarrmannFramington BlackU18March 1, 20086k
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt CFebruary 24, 200818z
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt CFebruary 23, 200817z
Ben WithamRogersSquirt AFebruary 23, 200818w
Kyle VanNew Ulm WhiteSquirt BFebruary 23, 200821v
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10February 23, 20082p
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10February 21, 20085p
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10February 16, 20081p
Cole DornbuschNorthfieldSquirt AFebruary 14, 200812d
Colin CampbellK-WingsPeewee AFebruary 13, 200826c
Colin CampbellK-WingsPeewee AFebruary 9, 200819c
Ben WithamRogersSquirt AJanuary 26, 200815w
Austin GlynnOnalaska WhiteSquirtJanuary 26, 200818g
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-January 26, 200810e
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-January 26, 200815e
Ben WithamRogersSquirt AJanuary 20, 200819w
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10January 20, 20082p
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt CJanuary 19, 200811z
Jessica KarrmannFarmington BlackU8January 13, 200814k
Jordan DuxburyHuron All-StarsJVJanuary 13, 200818d
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10January 13, 20085p
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam AJanuary 12, 20086t
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam AJanuary 6, 20087t
Ben WithamRogersSquirt AJanuary 5, 200835w
Jessica HawkinsonTYH PurpleSquirtJanuary 5, 20084h
Sydney ConleyOwatonnaU12January 5, 200837c
Ben WithamRogersSquirt AJanuary 4, 200822w
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam AJanuary 3, 20088t
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-December 28, 200715e
Jessica HawkinsonTYH PurpleSquirtDecember 22, 20078h
Nathaniel BroseApple ValleyPeewee B2December 19, 20078b
Madeline LenzWhite Bear LakeVarsityDecember 18, 200711l
Austin GlynnOnalaska WhiteSquirtDecember 16, 200711g
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam ADecember 15, 2007t
Ben WithamRogersSquirt ADecember 15, 200719w
Kyle VanNew Ulm WhiteSquirt BDecember 15, 200737v
Jonathan TrevathanHighland CentralPeewee B1December 14, 200711t
Jacki OlsonMinnetonka SkippersU14 ADecember 11, 200723o
Jacki OlsonMinnetonka SkippersJVDecember 11, 200723o
Justin DvorskyLittle Caesars98December 9, 200715d
Cam PendletonMankatoU10December 8, 20075p
Madeline LenzWhite Bear LakeVarsityDecember 8, 200719l
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt CDecember 8, 200711z
Zach DockterEast Grand Forks-December 7, 200710d
Nathaniel BroseApple ValleyPeewee B2December 7, 20077b
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt ADecember 4, 200711z
Michael HubbardMichigan Jaguars98December 4, 200720h
Jessica HawkinsonTYH PurpleSquirtDecember 2, 20074h
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-December 1, 200710e
Katie PaulsonMankatoU10December 1, 20071p
Michael HubbardMichigan Jaguars98November 30, 2007h
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 30, 200715e
Ben WithamRogersSquirt ANovember 25, 200710w
Nathaniel BroseApple ValleyPeewee B2November 25, 20078b
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam ANovember 24, 200713t
Isaak TjadenNorthfieldBantam ANovember 24, 200720t
Marco ZinkHudson RedSquirt ANovember 22, 20079z
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 10, 200710e
Jordan DuxburyHuron All-StarsJVNovember 8, 200719d
Jayson EfnorDes Moines Bucs-October 27, 200720e
Nathaniel BroseApple ValleyPeewee B2October 23, 200712b
Brendan EarlsBirmingham Rangers-October 16, 200718e
Michael HubbardBlue Storm-September 30, 200712h
Benny GoldbergBirmingham Rangers00September 30, 200717g
Matt PankowChelsea ChiefsSquirt ASeptember 30, 2007p
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-September 25, 200710c
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-September 16, 200713c
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-September 15, 200712c
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-September 5, 200711c
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-August 26, 200714c
Jessica HawkinsonLa CrescentSquirtAugust 20, 2007h
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-August 15, 200715c
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-August 11, 200712c
Jessica HawkinsonLa CrescentSquirtAugust 5, 2007h
Michael HubbardStorm Warning-July 11, 200710h
Miles CorriganAll SeasonsGACAJuly 10, 200716c
Lauren JoarntSt. Croix Saints-May 4, 200730j
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersSquirt CMarch 26, 20075o
Jonathan TrevathanLakeville Panthers-March 18, 200718t
Michael HubbardStorm Warning-March 16, 20077h
Jessica HawkinsonOnalaska PurpleSquirt CMarch 9, 20073h
Lindsey CaffertyWinonaU12 BFebruary 26, 200713c
Tyler WoykeHastings RaidersSquirt AFebruary 25, 200717w
Connor CrabtreeLuverne CardinalsSquirt BFebruary 24, 200714c
Jessica HawkinsonOnalaska PurpleSquirt CFebruary 18, 200712h
Jayson EfnorDes Moines Bucs-February 18, 200712e
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CFebruary 11, 200715w
Michael HubbardOrchard LakeMite AAFebruary 10, 200710h
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CFebruary 9, 200716w
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-February 9, 200711k
Gage OverbyFarmington TigersSquirt CFebruary 4, 200712o
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-February 4, 200716k
Randy HoffCambridge Isanti-February 4, 200718h
Courtney LarsonHuron Lady All-StarsU14February 2, 200715l
Jordan DuxburyHuron All-StarsJVJanuary 27, 200720d
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-January 21, 200717k
Mykael HaneyFront Range Panthers-January 21, 200716h
Jayson EfnorDes Moines Bucs-January 21, 200715e
Gage TaylorPierre Capitals-January 20, 200758t
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-January 20, 200722k
Jaron DaultonHudsonSquirtJanuary 20, 200714d
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-January 19, 200720c
Jonathan TrevathanLakeville Panthers-January 14, 20077t
Zach DockterEast Grand Forks-January 14, 20075d
Chris ArmsdenSt PeterPeewee AJanuary 14, 200731a
Madeline LenzWhite Bear LakeVarsityJanuary 13, 200746l
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CJanuary 12, 200737w
Jaron DaultonHudsonSquirtJanuary 9, 200715d
Jared RubadoBrainerdSquirt AJanuary 7, 200716r
Jared RubadoBrainerdSquirt AJanuary 6, 200718r
Lucas WeiheMankato MavericksPeewee AJanuary 6, 200710w
Justin DvorskyLittle Caesars98January 6, 20075d
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-January 5, 200712k
Benjamin AllisonCrystal Lake LeafsPeewee AJanuary 3, 200717a
Jarrad BruesselFaribaultBantam AJanuary 1, 200722b
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CDecember 30, 20065w
Lucas WeiheMankato MavericksPeewee ADecember 30, 20063w
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-December 30, 200612e
Jordan DuxburyHuron All-StarsJVDecember 28, 200620d
Jessica HawkinsonOnalaska PurpleSquirt CDecember 27, 20064h
Lucas WeiheMankato MavericksPeewee ADecember 26, 20063w
Kyle DowlingLivingston Lightning97December 23, 200614d
Jared RubadoBrainerdSquirt ADecember 17, 20065r
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-December 16, 200616k
Chris ArmsdenSt PeterPeewee ADecember 16, 20066a
Gage TaylorPierre Capitals-December 10, 200633t
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CDecember 9, 200635w
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CDecember 3, 200617w
Nick KossoffNick Kossoff-December 2, 200611k
Kyle DowlingLivingston Lightning97December 2, 200614d
Sydney ConleyMinnesota Bulldogs-December 2, 200610c
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 26, 20065e
Chris ArmsdenAlliance BulldogsSquirt AANovember 26, 200614a
Alek LashombRoseville BulldogsSquirt CNovember 25, 200625l
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 25, 20065e
Chris ArmsdenSt PeterPeewee ANovember 25, 200613a
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 24, 200614k
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 23, 200618k
Kristoffer AndersonRosevilleSquirt ANovember 21, 200621a
Gunnar AndersonRosemountSquirt BNovember 21, 200615a
Ben WithamOstegoSquirt CNovember 16, 200623w
Chris ArmsdenSt PeterPeewee ANovember 12, 20066a
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-November 11, 20067e
Jarrad BruesselFaribaultPeewee BNovember 11, 200616b
Chris ArmsdenSt PeterPeewee ANovember 11, 200613a
Jarrad BruesselFaribaultPeewee BNovember 5, 200619b
Jayson EfnorDSM Jr Buccaneers-October 29, 200611e
Justin DvorskyLittle Caesars98October 22, 200612d
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-October 21, 200615k
Nick KossoffDSM Jr Buccaneers-October 20, 200611k
Chris ArmsdenAlliance BulldogsSquirt AAOctober 9, 200623a
Billy RaczOrchard Lake Pirates-October 3, 200630r
Molly BlackDevils Lake FirebirdsVarsityJanuary 31, 002038b
Andrew BlahySeine River SnipersAADecember 10, 001732b
Connor BirdMonticello StarsPeewee BFebruary 6, 001116b

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