Association Training

Let Us Come To You

TGC Chief Consultant, Coach Des Christopher, is committed to bring the TGC passion to your organization.

TGC will travel (drive or fly) to your home rink and work exclusively with all your goalies in a training camp setting. These training sessions will depend on availability; most organizations tend to run a weekend camp (Fri-Sun) in the spring after the hockey season is complete.

Inquire with Coach Des with your customized training ideas and we will GO FOR IT!

Contact us today to arrange any of the following services for your organization! Or call Coach Des at (612) 210-5944.

Goalie Clinics

TGC will travel to your association to provide a customized workout for your association goaltenders. We will offer a 3-1 ratio minimum at these sessions.

Team Practices

TGC will provide a trainer that will travel to your teams scheduled practice time and work with you. Benefits are a flexible schedule and work on your game during a team practice. You must get permission from your coaching staff first.

Tryout Evaluations

Looking for unbiased opinion on ranking and selecting the goalies within your association? TGC will have a qualified staff member attend your tryout selection process to provide an outside look at the goaltenders in your program and rank each of them based on the TGC goaltending criteria. TGC will also conduct a Goalie Skills Session during the tryout process to evaluate each goalies physical skill set. This will allow the coaches and evaluators within your association to receive feedback and input on where your goalies rank from an outside, unbiased goaltending specialist.

Coaching Clinics

Are you a coach who doesn’t have a strong background in goaltending? Need some insight on how to incorporate goalie-specific drills and how to work with the goaltenders on your team? Invite TGC to your association for a TGC Goaltending Coaches Clinic. Qualified TGC staff members will put on a goaltending clinic to provide an overview of the many different aspects of the position. There will be two options available with one including an on-ice demonstration with drills and explanations. Some of the things we will cover include physical traits, basic fundamental and situational skills and movements, incorporating goalies into practice, etc. (2-3 hour sessions available)

Discover Goaltending

The Discover Goaltending Program is a learning encounter designed to give mite and squirt age players a chance to try on the pads and receive an introductory lesson in goaltending. By learning the basic fundamentals, a new goaltender’s first in-the-net experience can be more positive, creating more excitement about learning this important position.

Association Provides

1-hour of Ice, Organization, Promotion, Sign Up, Coaches, Initiative

Player Provides

Skates, Breezers, Helmet, Shoulder & Elbow Pads, Mouth Guard, Enthusiasm

TGC Provides

Legs Pads, Catch Glove & Blocker, Goalie Stick, Jerseys, Instructors, Fun & Excitement

We Cover

  • Instruction on putting on goalie equipment (20-min)
  • Dryland instruction (10-min)
  • Stance
  • Skating–the shuffle
  • Positioning & Angles
  • Stick Saves
  • Pad Saves
  • Glove/Blocker Saves
  • 10 minutes fun time TGC style

$30 per player
(20 player per session max)